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At Home Jobs For Moms With Special Needs Kids

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

So, you find yourself with a child with special needs. Welcome, it’s nice to have you!

At Home Jobs For Moms

I can’t promise you answers to your questions, because ultimately, none of us have the answers, only experiences to share. In my 18 years as a special needs mom, I am happy to share my experiences with you, although we will have many different experiences. It’s a special club, and I’m happy to welcome you to it!

Why at home jobs for moms? Well, when your child is young, you will find yourself at so many different doctor’s appointments, therapy appointments, social service appointments, it’s hard to keep a full-time job and take that much time off for each. Fathers are great, but if we’re being honest, most of the work falls on mom. At least that was my experience. My daughter’s father considered himself the bread winner and since I earned less than he did, it made more sense for me to miss work. Funny, my employer didn’t have that same belief.

When my daughter was first born, we went to a Social Service appointment. It was there that I learned I could give my child away to the institution. The year was 2001. I was shocked. Who would send their own child to an institution? I was offended by this social worker and I let her have a piece of my mind. She boldly told me that more parents go with the institution than I imagined. I didn’t believe her. Don’t get me wrong, for some parents, having a child with special needs is too much to bear, and they do put them in an institution, but it’s the 21st century. An institution is no place for a child with special needs to grow up.

I worked in the corporate world until my daughter, Megan, who has Down syndrome was 9. I missed a lot of work and jumped from job to job as my employers grew tired of me asking for time off to attend ARD meetings, therapy appointments and doctor visits. But, she’s my child. And she requires extra attention that I never considered an at home job for moms. The last job I had required me to fly to China, Taipei and Hong Kong every two months for two weeks at a time.

I had a nanny since I was a single mom and Megan’s father was no help. By this time, Megan was receiving her therapies in school and she didn’t have any health issues, so doctor appointments were on a regular schedule. But I wasn’t with her. If I’m being honest, I didn’t potty train her, the nanny did. The guilt I felt every time I left all of my kids was horrible, but I thought I was doing right by them by working a regular job in corporate America instead of an at home job for moms. I was trading my time for dollars, and I was on the losing end of that relationship.

When I met my husband, he wasn’t happy with all the travel and offered me the opportunity to stay home. I’m not really a “stay at home mom” type. At least, that’s what I thought. So, I continued to work until I got pregnant, and since I was considered a high risk pregnancy, I was put on bed rest and had to end my corporate America career. Being at home was rough because the pregnancy was rough, but being there every day when Megan got off the bus was worth more than I can express. And the joy on her face every day when I greeted her made me realize what all I had missed out on, and it was a lot.

After my baby was born, I learned the true value of being a stay at home mom and got to experience what I had missed out on with Megan. It’s a double-edged sword. Guilt enveloped me. Why didn’t I just stop working my job and stay home with Megan. One reason, money. I made good money at my corporate job. Could I replace that income with an at home job for moms? I didn’t know, but I was willing to give it a try.

Which brings me to my point of this blog… at home jobs for mom’s with special needs kids. I was introduced to working from home from another mom who has two children with Down syndrome. I didn’t sign on right away to work from home, I didn’t really think I had the discipline to be my own boss. So, I was a customer of her product, and after trying the product, I fell in love and decided I wanted to help others feel as good as I was feeling, and my home career started. It’s really quite simple.

For a low cost, you can start your own business and make your own hours. Since all my kids are in school, I have the day to myself to work my business, but if they were here at home, I would take advantage of nap time and the evenings to work my business. After all, I do it for them. I want to contribute to our monthly income and have something that is mine. Something I’m proud of, that I can put my stamp on.

So, how do you find a business that excites you enough to make that jump from just a stay at home mom to a business owner. Ask yourself this question…what are you passionate about? Is it Health and Wellness, Skin Care, Weight Loss? Do you know anyone who has a home-based business you can talk to, even if you blew them off when they tried to talk to you about their business? I’m laughing because people will think you are crazy but let me give you a piece of advice; those people don’t pay your bills or make your dreams come true!

I think having an at home job for moms with a special needs child is brilliant! You get to meet A LOT of people that would otherwise not be in your circle. Most special needs parents have very small circles of friends, if they have any friends at all. It’s a very isolating world to be a part of, but by branching out and working for yourself, you encounter new people!

Having an at home job for mom’s with special needs kids is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It gave me TIME freedom. Before my daughter started walking to school, I was there every day picking her up in carpool. I am home every day when Megan gets home, and I can stop what I’m doing and engage with her about her day. It’s her Senior year, and a lot is happening!

Being a parent of a special needs child is not the end of the world. It’s a whole new world. I have three “normal” kids, and they are great kids, but Megan, she is my soul. She taught me what true unconditional love really meant and she pushed me out of my comfort zone so I could grow and learn. I have cherished every moment of the last 18 years with her, even the times I spent in the bathroom asking God “why”. There is no answer to the “why” question and I know plenty of parents who obsess over this; it’s not healthy and you will never get an answer.

Having an at home job for moms with special needs kids has also pushed me out of my comfort zone. It has helped me grow and learn all kinds of new skills and I have made great friendships. I contribute to the household, speak to people from all over the world and help people with their problems. My passion for what I do is undeniable and I couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity.

So, does having an at home job for mom’s with special needs kids sound interesting to you? Let me give you some tips. First, do your research. Find a company that fits your values. Talk to others in the company and try to push past the hype to get to the truth. Everyone will say their company is the best, but, in all honesty, that’s just not true. Don’t let anyone push you into having an at home job for moms.

There are people who only care about recruiting anyone and everyone to their team, and then just leave you on the sideline wondering what to do next. What I love about my company is the team I am on. The leadership is amazing, and the training is first class. Whenever I get stuck, I can call my mentor and have a session with her to get unstuck. There will always be people who have been doing it longer than you that have priceless nuggets of information. Make sure they are willing to share that information with you!

Again, find your passion! You won’t be successful unless you feel passionate about what you’re doing. Having an at home job for mom’s with special needs kids takes work. There are no get rich quick schemes. And if anyone tells you otherwise, RUN! But when you have passion for what you are doing, it doesn’t feel like work, it’s actually a lot of fun!

Get out of your comfort zone. Life is not meant to be lived in your pj’s and a glass of wine. Take risks. Try new things. Build an empire. Be a boss. What are your dreams? Have you forgotten how to dream because you're still stuck in the grief of not having the perfect child? I get it. But you have to move past that and start dreaming again. Your child will be okay. You will be okay.

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