Down Syndrome
Hi! I'm Jennifer, a mom with a mission.
Down Syndrome

My name is Jennifer Graham and I am 47 years old. I have 4 kids, ages 24, 21, 18 and 9. My daughter, Megan (18) has Down Syndrome. She is my soul.


I am a stay at home mom and I run my own global distribution business. Being an entrepreneur has been an extraordinary experience and I love the time freedom it offers.  I can help you become healthy and wealthy in your life. Just because you have a child with special needs doesn’t mean you can’t have something for you, too.


I use nutraceutical products that are organic and absorb into your cells at 90-100%. Since our soil is depleted of most of its nutrients, supplementation is necessary to maintain good health. 


My life’s dream is to build Megan a place where she can live independently, with Down Syndrome, and have support along with her friends. It will be called Megan’s Place and will be available to all differently-abled people. My goal is to start work on it by 2028, when Megan is 28 years old and able to live outside of my home. We see lots of kids with special needs, but we don’t see adults.  Our society doesn’t have a place for them and parents are often left with caring for them until they are too old to do so, and then it falls on siblings or state facilities. I have a better plan.

I didn’t start my career out as an entrepreneur.  I was in corporate America for 15 years a corporate controller.  Having Megan and all the appointments that came along with her, I bounced from job to job until I landed one that would actually allow me the time off to take care of her.  The trade off was travel. A lot of travel. I missed a lot.


It wasn’t until I met my husband that I became a stay at home mom, and several years after that before I decided to invest in myself and start a business.  It’s been the best decision of my life. I now have the time freedom to be with my girls and take care of my father in law, who lives with us.


I also take care of 3 dogs, a chihuahua who is 11 and going through heartworm treatment, a one year old Boston Terrier, Rosey, who is a bull in a china shop, and my dad’s dog, who is about 9. 


If what I talk about interests you, or you want to learn more, contact me! I’m happy to share my experiences with you, good and bad and everything in between to get you started on a new path to better health or even a new business. No questions are off limits!

I also have a special place I've created where you can find friends in similar situations. This is a unique community feature that I'm so excited to be able to provide. If your child has Down Syndrome or Autism or another Special Need, come find other moms just like you.

I really hope you enjoy this blog and grow with me as I learn the ins and outs of how to use it for my business and personal life.  I will have guest bloggers from time to time, so if you ever have a desire to write, let me know!